17-January-2022 • Sony Walkman

Old School Tunes

Who else still has their Sony Walkman? I still use mine to this day, with the over-the-ear headphones of course! I have not found anything that matches the sound quality of the big headphones. I have a 6th-gen iPod that I use for Spotify. Smartphones may have everything built in and ready to go... but you can't beat the sound of the old school electronics that were built for the music.

16-January-2022 • 3D Pinball Space Cadet

Anyone else remember 3D Pinball Space Cadet?!

The other night, my wife and I were talking about all of the old school computer games we used to play growing up. And I got to thinking about the pinball game that once came with Windows that I used to spend hours playing. I was disappointed when I figured out that it no longer comes installed, but I was able to find a clean working copy of it that can be downloaded and installed. Check out my Hot Links
for the download link!

1-January-2022 • Y2K + 22

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone turned off their computers last night... because I am thoroughly convinced that this nightmare of a world we're living in... is a direct result of some dumbass not turning their computer off in 1999. Tell me I'm wrong! #genx #1999 #y2k #revelations

31-December-2021 • 2021 Accomplishment

Two Degrees Hotter

I would have to say, my greatest accomplishment for this year was successfully completing my graduate degree. When I started back a few years ago, I had my sights set on finally finishing my degree program and graduating with my Bachelors. I would have never foreseen continuing on and becoming a Masters Grad!

28-December-2021 • Merry Christmas!


My family is the best and takes good care of dear old Dad. For Christmas the kids all got me a Tigger Squishmallow, and my wife got me a Bumblelion Wuzzle from 1985. I don't care how old I get...I'll never be too old for toys.

19-November-2021 • The Clydesdales

The Clydesdales

It's been 5 years since they last came through town... and they are absolutely majestic everytime I see them! I'm hoping it doesn't take them that long to visit again, but I will surely be awaiting their return!

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