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Born in the 80's, grew up in the 90's, and became an adult in Y2K. Being a Xennial provided the best of both the Analog and Digital worlds. My first computer was a Commodore 64, but the real fun began when I got my first PC. It was a good old 80286, with a monochrome monitor, and a 2400 baud modem running DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.0. With my 90's PC addition, I learned everything I needed to know about hardware and software, became an avid BBS (Bulletin Board System) user and SysOp, and ventured out into the World Wide Web building a website or two out on GeoCities. Once social media began to take over, everything became a more structured and a lot of those unique websites and individual creativity began to disappear. Fortunately, sites like this one have restored some of that nostalgia and those of us that lived through it the first time, can once again have a place on the Internet we can call home!

As you might imagine, I grew up to fulfill my dreams of working in technology. I was fortunate enough to land a career 20+ years ago with a Fortune 50 company doing what I enjoy. I've done a little bit of everything from starting as a Technical Support Technician, to Technical Support Management, to Technology Project Coordination, to now being a System Administrator of a global PaaS platform. Over my tenure, I have achieved multiple technology certifications as well as by BS and MS degrees in Information Technology Management and Strategic Management and Leadership.

And so here I am! This is my outlet for all the things I enjoy. Of course with any personal website, I'm sure this thing will constantly be "Under Construction" as I find new things to add. I invite you to enjoy what I have posted on here and maybe I'll meet a few new friends with common interests. For now, I hope you enjoy my blog and Twitch streams.

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